The core system of Freelancing

The core system of Freelancing

With the advent of computer and advanced technology, people of the current ear become more and more tech savvy. They prefer to do all the activities right from the comforts of their living room. That is the reason they prefer Freelancing over the traditional method of learning process. However the process of Freelancing has a few substantial benefits for students and organizations as well. It offers the civilization a unique opportunity where everybody can grow, people need not have to suffer any more from limited access to work. Through the process the mankind is blessed with unprecedented and incessant access to resources and reality. Thus, it can be termed as an innovative and creative approach to shape human behavior.

Benefits of Freelancing

Freelancing is user centered. Anyone can take advantage of Freelancing system. The worker itself is the hub of a structure. The working materials and required activities are intended to keep in view the requirement and interest zone of the working system. The worker can use and apply their experience in the field of their own specific needs.

Another thing about Freelancing is that it is self-directed and self-paced. You are not forced to spend a specific amount of time for the working. The learners can schedule the program as per his/her personal choice to spend how much time on a particular topic. The process enables the worker to spend more time on difficult projects and can have a better understanding. The smarter technique of approach helps the individuals to complete their working task in a better way and faster pace.

Impact of Freelancing

The best thing that provide is the utilization of a variety of multimedia in Freelancing system. It inevitably enhances person’s involvement in the subject matter and strengthens the working experience. Thus going forward it increases retention capability and build a stronger grasp on the subject.

Another impact of the Freelancing process is the flexibility of the procedure. If you are equipped with the necessary tools the you have the access to work anywhere. The worker can get the best training and education, even from thousands of miles of distance. It is good for physically challenged individuals to participate fully. The entire targeted worker can get a consistent and effective training by following the same Freelancing program.

Convenience of Freelancing

So to conclude it can be said that the process is technical in nature. An individual with minimum required tools and equipment can get into the process, but lack of proper skill and knowledge or having non-access to these tools will not be able to get success in a Freelancer.

Freelancing provides an effective and consistent working to its worker. The whole of the target workers can participate at the same time and will get the same information, irrespective of the diversity of location. This in fact constructs a consistency of the system.

Advantages and Disadvantages of E-Commerce

Advantages and Disadvantages of E-Commerce

Now-a-days, before taking or using things, everyone eagerly wants to know what are the advantages and disadvantages. It describes E-Commerce full impact in day to day life globally. In particulate, quick internet connection and strong tools innovation has gifted  to the Commerce area. This internet connection adds many people in this field. E-Commerce provides numerous advantages along with many disadvantages. In today’s 21st century, everything is in electrified. The electronic and via services established virtual correspondence, E-Commerce has both the sides of bright and dark. But, bright sides are more effective and valuable in our modern lives. We usually believe to take benefits and overcome the obstacles.


Advantages of E-Commerce

E-Commerce advantages can be seen in every sector of our modern lives. Likewise, people can broaden their national and international market with the smallest investment. Furthermore, any types of organization can do their job conveniently with the help of E-Commerce. Here are the most significant advantages of networking are below-


  • Best Productivity: These systems provide best products among consumers and companies as well. People find quick feedback in online because it’s convenient in all aspects.


  • Best Services: We  tries to give their client the best services. It does not matter he/she is an organization or a customer.


  • Quality Services: In this process clients can get quality product along with quality services. In fact they can choose their cherish.


  • Reasonable Prize: E-Commerce provides their clients best products as well as services at the reasonable prize. For this factor, people more attract on it.


  • Quick Transaction: When people get its features and services they can pay easily. Inversely, people can buy and sell their products easily with quick online transaction.



Disadvantages of E-Commerce

Though E-Commerce has many advantages it has some disadvantages as well. Its disadvantages cannot be denied but it can be ignored. These disadvantages are very little compare to advantages. Here are some ignoble disadvantages below demonstrate-


  • Protection: In many aspects we cannot protect our online account on web which helps us to buy and sell products online. Sometimes, this transaction cannot be trust worthy.


  • Risk: Sometimes, for payment transaction and buy products can be risky. People may face many fraud people in this online process.


  • Complicated System: This system is totally depending online. So, people who do not know how to use internet cannot reach E-Commerce.


  • Relation Problem: Loyal relation cannot build in online which we can find in manual relation. Online relations are not so strong all the time.


  • Network Problem: In developing country internet network is not so strong. So, people of these countries may face difficulties in using E-Commerce daily.



Impact of Advantages and Disadvantages

Everything in this world has merits and demerits. So, it’s totally up to us which things we want to receive and which things we need to avoid. Our using capabilities and utilization will prove the right as well as relevant results. This is not as tough as we think. If people are aware of using online services and its resources, we can overcome the disadvantages of E-Commerce. We should take the advantages of E-Commerce and discover the disadvantages cause and try to fix it. If we do so, we can not only enjoy more facilities in our internet but also can browse more features and services as well.

Increase Search Engine Crawl Rate

Increase Search Engine Crawl Rate

Search Engine Optimization service area simple and successful tips to increase site crawl speed
Firstly update your site content regularly and the content should be carries out the keywords what you want to show to traffic.

Increase your page rank with Google as the entire search engine high PR site crawl rate high,

Server is the most effective issue for visitor as no one want to stay in site for more times to load, as 80% of visitor are comes from search engine and search engine dose not shown only your site, so page load speed is too impotence for web site Google crawl.

Avoid duplicate content its mean don’t update any copy content what already published in some others site, duplicate content against of Google search engine quality.

Building block right of entry to not needed page via robots.txt

Using Google webmaster tools check and optimize Google crawl rate, by WMT you can see your site crawl rate now.

Once update your content most welcome to use ping services to demonstrate your site being there and give permission to bots recognize when your site content is reorganized

Once complete site submit to online directories,
Make alt tag to the entire use image in the site,
Overall use social media service once published you content and that will make you site crawl rate,

You are most welcome to our Service and Training

SEO Service by AMWebCreation in Gazipur, Dhaka, Bangladesh,

SEO Training from Gazipur, SEO Training,


SEO Expert what need to check?

SEO Expert what need to check?

Before choice a SEO Expert what need to check?

We are going to discuss about hire a SEO expert for a website, and how to hire? What should be cost? And is the SEO expert’s works procedure,

Let’s start first why dose you need a SEO experts?

It’s needed because you have a very good looking website with very good information but you are not in first page of search results on Google, Bing or Yahoo, then your possible clients force not even knows about yours service, So for better search engine visibility you need a SEO experts who can boost your website with traffic to make your profit.

Now what should you know about a SEO experts before you hire him?

First you have to know how he doing with his current client does and what does he did for past client, does he have a list to show you. If yes check with his running clients how much benefit they have got from his service.

These references will help you to make a better choice of your service.

Secondly you how does will improve my website search engine rankings? This is a discussion about the methods what does SEO expert will be use to increase you search ranking? The SEO experts should explain you how he will work for your website and how much time he will be measure to do whole things.

Make sure the candidate’s proposal includes all the technical review of your web site to come out any issues that might lower your program ranking, as well as broken links and error pages. Also, raise a question to your SEO experts is they can do “off page” to boost awareness of your content on different websites, typically via blogs, social media platforms and press releases etc.

Thirdly you should ask him a question does he flow Google webmaster guide line, or Google content quality guide line?

Four you can ask a question to SEO experts can he guaranteed your website will complete a number-one ranking on Google, Bing or Yahoo like search engine?

If your SEO experts say yes he can make a guarantee about your website ranking, then make a agreement how and when (with in how many days) with him.

Five questions are you experienced at improving local search results? Appearing in the top of local search view in the top of local search engine outcome is particularly significant to small businesses sites in local area, To achieve a small business in local search result view in top the consultant should add the website same city and state, and title tags and meta descriptions too,

Six questions are how you can see all the changes what SEO Experts have been done to do the SEO work? Because you may know for a better search result there are some many things need to be do and all the changes you should know and your SEO experts should share with you too.

Seven questions how do you calculate the achievement of your SEO campaigns?
To measure the achievement of SEO work, you have to have calculate closely how much traffic have been come to your site and they come from where? For this calculation you can use is being Google Analytics, now question to be does you SEO experts know about Google Analytics?

Eight questions still there should be a one more question that would be about payments? How to pay and how much need to pay? Does this cost enough with your budget? Does the asking price is too high? For a small business the SEO experts should not ask more.

Need a SEO Experts in Bangladesh, Dhaka or Gazipur, AMWebCreation SEO Experts teams can help you to make you goal easy, as we believe we are the SEO and SMO experts in Dhaka.

Because we want to make a top talent SEO, SMO team in Bangladesh, Dhaka, Gazipur by organized professional IT training.

How to use Meta Tags within webpage

How to use Meta Tags within webpage

How to use “Meta Tags” within your webpage

When a user searches from a search engine or directory, the user enters words into a text box and presses the Search button. The words that the user enters are referred to as keywords. The server at the site that is being searched looks within a database for records that include those keywords. It then creates a page that lists some or all of the records that it found and includes links to the locations of those records.

The search engines and directories acquire their lists of keywords from several places. The most common method involves submissions. Many sites ask for a description of your site when you submit your URL, and they acquire keywords from within that description. Some sites provide separate boxes for you to enter your keywords.

Some search engines use automated software programs known as robots to gather information about web pages. These robots read the text and codes on web pages then store keywords and other information from the pages into their databases.

There are several things you can do to your web site that will prepare it and help it to be found when users do searches. These involve adding keywords to your pages within the first paragraph, within hidden [META] fields, specifying “type”, “source”, and “use”, and including keywords with your submissions.

Using keywords within the first paragraph

When a search engine uses a robot to gather information about your pages, they typically store the first few words (up to 200 characters) they find on your pages. These words are used as your keywords and are often presented as a description of your page.

Although the trend is towards graphical pages, a page that includes all graphics and no text will not likely be found during a search from many sites that use these robots to gather information. Likewise, a site that starts with a lot of promotional hype and little or no keywords will not likely be found either.

When designing a page, the author should try to use as many keywords as possible and include them within the first text that appears on the page. For example:

Welcome to AMWebCreation, Come on in and check it out! Our site has all the best website design service in the world at the lowest cost on the net and we guarantee your satisfaction . . .
AMWebCreation is the best web design, development, Graphics design, SEO, SMO and professional IT training center in Gazipur, Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Using keywords within hidden <META> fields

Some search engine robots allow you to specify keywords, descriptions, and other information within hidden fields on your pages. When hidden fields are available, the robots use information from them rather than from the text that shows. Use the [META] tag within the [HEAD] element to do this. The basic syntax is:

<META name=”description” content=”Write your description here”>

Do not use any HTML tags within the “description” or “content” part of the META tag.

Suppose the HTML at the top of your web page looked like:



<META name=”description” content=” AMWebCreation is the best web design, development, Graphics design, SEO, SMO and professional IT training center in Gazipur, Dhaka, Bangladesh.”>


The following title and description would appear when your page is listed on a page of search results:

AMWebCreation Home Page

Home page AMWebCreation is the best web design, development, Graphics design, SEO, SMO and professional IT training center in Gazipur, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Specifying keyword phrases:

You can use a second [META] tag to specify keyword phrases that further describe your web page. The basic syntax is:

<META name=”keywords” content=”Write your keywords here, in a comma separated list”>

For example:


<TITLE> Your site name </TITLE>

<META name=”description” content=” Your site description. “>

<META name=”keywords” content=” Your target keywords”>


Using <META> Tags to specify type, source and use

Some search engines utilize advanced forms of artificial intelligence to focus searches on specific types, sources and uses of the information provided in web pages. The AddURL form allows you to specify this information during submissions, but you should also include it within [META] Tags to allow robots to find it.

Specifying Types

The “type” field refers to the type of information that is provided on the web page. The most common types include “Home Page”, “Advertisement”, “Description”, “Entertainment”, “General”, “News”, “Personal”, “Quick Tour”, “Technical”, and “User Manual”. You should try to use one of these choices, and an example of the basic syntax is:

<META name=”type” content=”User Manual”>

Specifying Sources

The “source” field refers to the type of organization or person that is providing the information on the web page. The most common sources include “Advertise/Marketing”, “Association”, “Broker”, “Business Opportunity”, “Consultant”, “Contractor/Builder”, “Distributor”, “Education/Training”, “Engineer/Architect”, “Financial Service”, “Food/Drink Service”, “Government”, “Internet Service”, “Legal Service”, “Manufacturer”, “Manufacturer’s Rep”, “Military”, “News Service”, “Organization”, “Personal/User”, “Publication”, “Realtor”, “Research & Develop.”, “Retailer”, and “Service Provider”. You should try to use one of these choices, and an example of the basic syntax is:

<META name=”source” content=”Manufacturer”>

Specifying Uses

the “use” field refers to the primary application for which the information is intended. The most common uses include “Art & Entertainment”, “Business”, “Computers & Internet”, “General”, “Home”, “Life, Health & Sports”, “Literature & Science”, and “Transportation”. You should try to use one of these choices, and an example of the basic syntax is:

<META name=”use” content=”Art & Entertainment”>


Notes on Using <META> Tags and Images

Length of description and keywords

Your description can include up to 160 characters of text. The keywords can include up to 1000 characters of text.

Overusing keywords

Do not repeat the same keyword more than 7 times in the [META] tag. If you do this, the search engine may ignore the entire list of keywords.

Sites using Netscape or Microsoft frames

in your main HTML file (the file containing the [FRAMESET] tags), you should include a description of your site using [META] tags. Make sure that your description and keywords adequately summarize the contents of the frames on your page.

Sites using JavaScript

If JavaScript functions make up the first 200 characters on your page, you should use [META] tags to provide a description for your page.

Sites using images

Some sites also store the ALT attribute in the <IMG> tag. If your site mainly consists of graphics, you can also use the ALT attribute to describe your page.

Using keywords within submissions

The vast majorities of search engine and directory sites do not obtain keywords from your page automatically, and instead use information provided by you when you submit your pages to their site. Most of these sites extract the keywords from within the description text that you provide with your submission, while some require you to enter keywords in separate text boxes.

When submitting a page, the author should try to use as many keywords as possible and include them within a sentence in the description box. For example:

Web design
Web development
AMWebCreation is the best web design, development, Graphics design, SEO, SMO and professional IT training center in Gazipur, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Advantages of E-Commerce

Advantages of E-Commerce

Advantages of E-Commerce

Electronic E-commerce has working wonders like magic. E-Commerce has working through internet by selling and purchasing services and products as well. E-Commerce advantages can be seen in every sector of our modern lives. Likewise, marketing, shopping, consulting, design, graphics, solution, email marketing and so on. If anyone or any companies will use E-Commerce efficiently, they can broaden their national and international market with the smallest investment. In addition, any other person and organization can make their business convenient in terms of technology, supply, suitability, services and so on. It helps organizations to enhance output, quality and become well known to its consumers.

Advantages of E-Commerce for Business

With the increasing popularity of E-Commerce, now-a-days all kinds of business are depending on it with their business methods. It is quite easier than before to incorporate a workable elucidation for many business organizations. Moreover, there are several advantages which business organizations and related persons are received, and these are given below here-

In terms of Sales: Online sales are increasing dramatically from the last couple of years. Online buyer can pay their payments with PayPal, Visa card, Master Card.

  • In terms of Consumers: By seeing advertise online, people can choose their products, dress, needed goods very easily by sitting at home. Business organizations cannot attract their customers easily, and in this matter E-Commerce help them to do so.
  • 24/7 Hour services: Which business is not using E-Commerce they discover many troubles to open their business in 24/7 hours. Due to many foreign customers are also can be part of your business. So, you should be up to date all the time.
  • Immediate transaction: To transact instantly E-Commerce helps to do so. E-Commerce transactions are done within a seconds and receive fund constantly.

Advantages of E-Commerce for developing Country

Developing countries are take benefits more and go ahead with success with the help of E-Commerce. They use E-Commerce in every sector of their modern life. They reduce difficulties and use E-Commerce successfully to get prosperity. In other words, for standard products and reasonable prize, E-market place is opened. This process has zero risk with several new features. Developing countries can advertise their products to overseas and profit at foreign currencies. In addition, E-Commerce advantages are used efficiently by developing countries to get their goals. Developing countries remove their obstacles and go ahead to compete this competitive world. All the advantages are working in developing countries like blessings.

Advantages of E-Commerce for Consumers

Consumers are the most beneficial in today’s world through E-Commerce. E-commerce fulfills consumer’s needs and secures their lives. Consumers receive numerous advantages such as- 24/7 hours services, easy transaction, can buy and sell product at any where of the country. Similarly, this system provides their consumer quick delivery and more options. It has cheap and good quality products as well. People can collect information about a service and product in a quick view. Consumers do not need to travel for shop or market too. This system appearance is in any part of the world along with rural areas. Moreover, E-Commerce also helps to the Government to serve people education, healthcare, taxes and so on.

Importance of business website

Importance of business website

In 21st competitive year, when anyone hears something about new business organization or business related information, they first search that how many of them have their own websites. Similarly, in this modern age, everyone is conscious about the importance of a website for all business. If any business is out of its own websites, it will out of influential marketing tools and regarding benefits.

On the contrary, a website is an assortment of pages which represents an organization, business firms, and industry with the help of www (World Wide Web). All the significant and needed information is describe through text, images, videos, audio and animations. Business holders or people can discover any kinds of information or supported documents within the shortest period of time and easiest way.

How to Recognize Good Business Websites

All the websites which we can see are not the good and quality website always. Sometimes, we cannot find relevant topics in websites. We may have found various websites but all those are not work worthy at all. Viewers want to know and see something good, well organized, coherent, relevant and interesting websites. In order to find good business websites, we advise you to check those below things-

• Content: Everyone wants to see well organize writing with some interesting keywords, highlights and other related objects. You have to confirm those things first.
• Components: The web functions should be error free and correct utilization of interfaces. A good components website carries hyperlinks, contact address, anchor text, details, features and navigation buttons as well.
• Brand Name: The brand names that produce this website are really very significant.
• Graphics: It is the most important and critical part of any websites. So, viewers should give high emphasis on it.
• Search Engine Optimism: Search Engine Optimism creates valuable and effective websites including all features. Good websites must follow the SEO rules.

Reasons of becoming Business Website Important

Nowadays, with great deal of the popularity of Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and other applications, Business Websites still gets importance among people. Because of some major reasons Business Websites are able to maintain its importance as before. Here are the reasons_

• Convenience: People can easily find out their business information and data by using those websites.
• Security: These types of websites are more secure and logical than any other websites.
• Domination: Everyone wants to make their own identity and this website makes it for business holder and related people.
• Chances: It provides chances to make own business websites for beginners and professional as well.
• Measurement: All the tactics and promotions can be measured very swiftly without any doubts. It is relevant to requirement websites.

Popularity of Business Website
Evidently, people of any countries and any cultures are supporting and preferring this websites. It has been getting more and more popularity in web world. Business websites are usually hosted by professional business owner who wants to host his website through internet and other online applications. That is why; these websites are quite unique comparing to others. Even, 24/7 these websites helps you from many sectors. A viewer who wants to gain knowledge from websites, they take help from it and increase their business as well as customers. Moreover, it demonstrate full path of becoming successful business men. Above discussion are the reasons of getting popularity from people.

Importance of Business Website is increasing day by day. Because it helps to establish creditability like business, it is an effective source of attract people.

What need to check for complete On Page SEO?

What need to check for complete On Page SEO?

Hey friends we are going to discuss today about in-page/on page seo analysis, to make your website popular what should you need to check? This post for on page ranking factors, and can calculate on page SEO elements, and by the way we will understand the In-page SEO analysis, and as a reader you will be understand the on page SEO techniques too, Okay come to the below steps by steps, For a expats SEO all of you should flow this

You should have a best Title and then description and then you have to have put some target keywords,

Now come to example


Example: AMWebCreation

Meta Description

Example: AMWebCreation is website design, development, SEO, SMO, CMS, eCommerce, clipping path, logo design & IT training center in Gazipur, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Meta Keywords

Example: website design, development, SEO, SMO, CMS, eCommerce, clipping path, logo design, IT training center in Gazipur,

Note- Please keep in mind all the keywords should be separate by comma (,) and descriptions not more than 155 characters’ and keywords you can use as much as you want, but putting too much keywords in a site without a better solutions for that that will make a spamming.

Now we are in second stage

What we need to see here and add to site

Add a nice logo, this will make your site and identity is in professional manner,

Favicon also is a unique identity of your organization,


Use readable language for your website and make aware to search engine about your using language of your website increases readability of your webpage,

Page load speeds

Page load speed is most importance for visitor, as most of visitor are coming by search engine and search engine not only showing your site, so if your site loading slowly then visitor will visit some others site, this is nature of visitor, so be care full about your load speed. How to speed up you site is here?

URL Analysis

For example

This kind of URL’s are in a perfectly manner, no need to change anything here.


You should add in supplementary textual article in your website, but if your website is not content based then try to focus on the little content that you have to make it keyword rich and matching in context to your webpage.

Images alt tag,

Use all the image alt tag for search engine, without alt tag search engine can’t found your site image in search result.

Inline CSS

Be careful about in line CSS, sometimes a lot of error can shown in CSS and as a result your site will be no index in search engine.

Email Address

Plain text email addresses are an inspiration to spammers and scammers so don’t use plain text email in your site

Check all the W3C Validity

Check if you have any broken link

Submit the site to search engine and create a good sitemap and submit to search engine.

Security Status

To check your site security status you can use;

McAfee site advisor

Norton safe web

Web of TrustWOT

Google safe browser

And over all almost you have to off your server signature

Information Technology Infrastructure Library Certification

Information Technology Infrastructure Library Certification

In 21st century every business organization wants to increase their profits by using IT and management services. For that reason, ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) certification is known as a collection of the best preparation stock for Information Technology (IT) service management. It is connected with computer and telecommunication procedure. Every company is now rely on IT for making plans, working, collecting data, producing and many other vital work. ITIL certification is a sector where hi-tech possessions of any companies are saved according to its main concern and necessities. Its main source is hardware, software, network, data and data related facilities. It is introduced the most broad noticeable set of IT services.(Information Technology)


*Description of ITIL Certification

It is formed by the British Government in 1980s to give people standard knowledge and proper utilization on IT. First ITIL book was published on 1989-1996s with 30 volumes. For its noticeable publicity and demand it was published on 2000, 2001, 2007 and 2011 respectively. This book contains 8 separate groups on it management. It is more affordable and inexpensive. On July 2013 AXELOS Ltd was owned ITIL upgrading it. Now it has 44volumes in its 8th edition. To achieve ITIL certification this book is mandatory.


* Cost and course description of ITIL Certification

Generally, it is familiar as a cost saving course but it has very little cost according to its necessity. This may 3days courses $800-1100 (USD) and 5days courses cost around $3000 (USD). It reduces the long term cost and courses. To cope with the cope with challenging world, it opens new dimension with real world example to increase IT (Information Technology) quality and supply services.

Usually, there are two types of training off-peak and on-peak training. These two has different impact and time limitation as well.

Off- Peak: This training has numerous formats. In this training candidates get 3days in week or in a weekend to focus on education for those who does not have enough time.

  1. On-Peak: In a On-peak training method candidates can get training on a working hour like 9-5pm from Friday to Saturday.
  2. On-line: People can learn more things about ITIL through internet and online courses.


*ITIL Viewers

Normally, business related people are the viewers of ITIL. Sometimes, we can see private and public viewers of it. On the other words, a person who wants to achieve his target, they take help from it. It not only helps in IT sector but also helps to make successful project. Besides, it ensures 50% chances of excellent project. Because, using this source in project management, analyst can include much information on IT at a easy way. Similarly, it’s quite easy to find out any data about project or industrial narrate topic. ITIL is not based on any specific organization, but any kinds of organization can find its effective IT sources through it. There are the opinions on of two viewers:

1 Private Students: Private viewers are those who want to qualify and get certification regarding some requirements. This types of viewers gain credits with the help of certification. Basically students are part of this section.


  1. Public Students: Public viewers are those who is doing business or other occupations and want to get idea in ITIL to compete with the competitive world. They want to progress their skills, efficiency and workability.


*Levels of ITIL Certification

ITIL Certification has some crucial levels according to its students and credit systems. All types of students should follow these levels to achieve their targets:


  1. Problem Solution Analyst: If a candidate falls into trouble, how they will overcome and prevent it. This course is designed by APMG international. It gives 1.5 credits.


  1. IT service management Foundation: It is based on IT ISO or IEC 20000 to give students idea about principles, practices and manners on IT. It has 1 credit.
  2. IT Lean: It teaches candidates how to reducing cost, add values, hardness, and changeability. It has 0.5 credits.


  1. CPDE: Its full form is Certified Process Designer Engineer. It includes IT services, management, designing, documentation, and project. It is worth 1.5 credits.


  1. ASL2: It is based on some practical tasks. It judge candidates practical sense. It gives 1 credit.


Besides these levels of credits candidates can receive additional credits like BiSL -0.5 credits, change analyst 1.5 credits, Database management 1.5 credits.


*ITIL Certification Aims

Its aim is to provide best technique on it sector reduce problem in management, chenge management theories, and ensure best working force all over the world.

These are the common aims of ITIL Certification:

  • Continuous improvement in services
  • Ensure Operation service
  • Increase Lifecycle
  • Designing Information
  • Transaction of Data
  • Provide key concepts
  • Plan effective strategy
  • Assure well-know job
  • Build up working power

Those are the most familiar aims of it. But, it aim is not limited just these factors, aims will be increased according to its users thinking.

Consequently, ITIL Certification is demand able and acceptable worldwide. It plays typical vital role to train individual with various modules and ways which the organization needs to secure their identity, and candidates need to boost up their lives.

Want to get a professional IT Training from AMWebCreation? We are ready to give you all the support what you want. See the details of our training here.

Application Development Company

Application Development Company

In this 21st century companies include a new service which is known as an Application Development Company. We provide all services which are related to the application development area. We make every service convenient according to our customers. We want to treat our clients with our best offers and quality facilities. On the Contrary we not only improve our current system better but also develop software. No matter where our clients are live, we can give service at any part of the country. It gives emphasis on client’s views. In addition, we offer proven and unique web applications. We create new dimension on application development internationally. We provide numerous applications which are describe below here in details-


Web Application Development

Everyone knows that new technologies bring many things and web application is one of them. Web Application development company helps to come closer to customers at any part of the world in a convenient way. We also prove technology solution and related services. Every single company wants to have web sites. A well organize and attractive web sites help to catch customers. We provide web application development for well-known companies. For spreading up to the mark apps for any companies we include below factors-


  • Design web sites
  • Maintain websites
  • Develop software for apps
  • Cope with market demands
  • Build internet market
  • Ensure quality performance
  • Reduce costs
  • Guarantee for best services
  • Provide standard apps
  • Assure feedbacks



Mobile Application Development

With the increasing demands on mobile applications, we offer application for any kind of mobile application development companies. With us you can feel free for anything as well as can go through a long path with us. We ensure quality work with our experienced team. In this section we include many other features as well like facebook advertise, Google advertise, search engine, PPC, email and so on. Additional apps are-


  • Application for ipad
  • Android application
  • Apps for J2me
  • Apps for Symbian
  • Sim toolkit
  • Java Card
  • Money transfer
  • Tracking & Dispatching GPS


Rational Application Developer

It is web sphere commercial software which works for visual designing, manufacturing, examine and deploying web services, java, portals etc. We include this service at our application development sector. Our aim is to ensure the best rational application developer for the welfare of mankind. We add professional wizards, writers, strategies, plans, tools, techniques. Furthermore, we solve complex of any software and identify patterns of any apps code. We assure much less cost than others. We not only provide apps developers but also train them through experts.


Rapid Application Development

It is basically a linear sequential software development service. It works for planning tasks. We are worked by our high skill engineers. We provide this application with a very short time. It is an object leaning approach in business area. Most of the functions are modernized by our experts. So it’s very easy to work on in any circumstances. If you get our service will have many more excellence like-


  • Best Quality
  • Provide feedbacks
  • Reduce risks
  • Automated tools
  • Complete all apps development in time
  • Make wise decision
  • Cope with market demands
  • Assure success Projects
  • Cheap rate service
  • Tested program
  • Proven apps
  • Follow agile methods


Joint Application Development

Joint Application Development is another service of our company which is the part of Application development. It is the method which is working on building a product with the development, management; create customer group and specific documents. In joint application development many developers and organizations come together to work a specific project in a combine atmosphere. We provide this application like top of the professional companies. By providing these services, we provide some extra merits for our client’s like-


  • Quality services
  • Working according to your needs
  • Timely implementations
  • Provide well communications
  • Solve problems unanimously
  • Link up with clients and provides
  • Overcoming the problems
  • Gather user requirements
  • No extra charges


IPhone Application Development

IPhone is known as a 3rd generation mobile phone to the young generation. In Today’s world all the popular companies invite customers to get development services and develop applications. We create quality applications for IPhone to spread several services. With the growing demands of IPhone apps we decide to serve this application globally. From other companies we include many more exclusive apps and features. These applications have some significant benefits such as-

  • Convenient Resource
  • Provide skilled worker
  • No additional charges on resources
  • High Income generation
  • Wonderful out sourcing process for development applications
  • Help to suit business requirements
  • Provide more than 2dozen live apps
  • Serve perfect tools
  • Ensure perfect videos and demos
  • Offer Top-Notch service
  • Much cheaper
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