What is eCommerce

What is eCommerce

What is eCommerce?

eCommerce means electronic commerce. In the others words commerce instance of buying and selling something which is accomplished by electronically on the internet. In this globalization world everything is convenient and easy to discover. Similarly, we can find out everything within a second with the help of internet. Life is become so graceful with bless of internet and other technologies.

It is basically, a trading system which is work worldwide by using computer networks in services alternatively products. eCommerce or electronic commerce is co-related with electronic fund transaction, mobile commerce, online transaction processing, online data collection, online marketing, chain management, and stock management system.

History of eCommerce

First time officially it had been used in 1972 with the title of “The Seminal of eCommerce” in John Mark off’s book. In 1979 online shopping system spreading with the help of Michael Aldrich, by passing time updated by many technological persons for the betterment of mankind. In 1990s World Wide Web has included eCommerce to web browser. Then in year 2002 eCommerce added by eBay and PayPal, in this way eCommerce enhance its network and features globally. Meanwhile, in 2013 eCommerce earned $294 billion on retail sales project. In this coming years this system will get more popularity and money as well.

Services of eCommerce

eCommerce is well known to everyone because of its amazing and impressive services. It has huge area of services among world. It provides numerous services and features and these are-


  • Services of Consulting: eCommerce emphasis of customer needs and boosting up their bottom streak. In this service you can analyze process of your business, requirements of functional and technical services, take SEO optimize, online sales as well as revenue and so many other services.
  • Services of Solution: In these services you will come to know how to open a successful business and increase it. It is all about strategy, higher traffic, web development and design, custom shopping & solution and so on.
  • Services of Design: This section will help you on architectural area like design your site to get high sale rate, and verifying your site loyalty.
  • Services of Email Marketing: Email is known as big channel of communication. It provides brand information, interaction with customer and enhance of correspondences.
  • Services of Graphic Design: It will help you creative and unique graphic design. It creates and strong visual appealing on behalf of you. It will provide you consistency of graphic design of any area.

Payments Mathods

eCommerce is working with the help of internet. In online services are provided and payments are collected. When anyone buy or get any goods or services, they will have to pay in online. In this section payment mainframes and payment doorways come into the picture. Payments in electronic ways reduce inconvenience with checks. This method is very safe and truth worthy. You can see your transaction in online. You can deal with any currency of this world. No hesitation, no complication, no risk, simply tension free business you can do and receive feedback.

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