AMWebCreation is pioneer Free Classifieds website developer in Bangladesh, We familiar to use latest technology with latest trends of free classifieds market place,

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Free classifieds website feature as below



  • Responsive design and usability
  • Capable to use on all types of devices
  • Search & Category
  • Easy and modern design following actual tendency in web design
  • Email protection on bots for user emails shown in listing page
  • Large of plugging delivered with theme to match its design
  • Search parameters stored in cookies to remember user choice
  • slideshow on Ads Image listing page
  • Easy publish form unique design for pictures upload that is miles ahead comparing to any other theme
  • Better usability of alerts, where user can see basic alert parameters
  • Perfect user public profile that provides information about user items

Banner Management

  • You can create as many banners as you need to earn money
  • You can create different types of banner
  • Keywords enable to you better target your ads
  • You can set multiple financial info for each banner to be able track progress of banner
  • Perfect tool if you want to show multiple ads on same place alternatively
  • Banners are shown on web using banner groups

Feedback & Rating system

  • Allow users to leave feedback on registered sellers
  • Title, Comment and Commentator name must be filled
  • Overal rating can be shown anywhere
  • Each person can vote on:

Extra facility;

  • Google Maps
  • Cookie Language
  • Facebook Connect
  • Car Attributes
  • Cookies
  • Favorite Items (premium)
  • Multi-Currency
  • Print Ad
  • List Seller Items
  • Job Attributes
  • Related Ads
  • Real Estate Attributes
  • Profile Picture
  • Print PDF (not delivered, but design adjusted in theme)
  • QR Code
  • Scroll Top
  • OSC Slider

Analytics and Reporting

  • Admin Report Dashboard with Business Overview
  • Integration with Google Analytics
  • Best Viewed Ads Reports
  • Ads Reviews Report

Free Classifieds websiteAdministration

  • Integral search in the Back-Office
  • Maintenance mode
  • Contextual help in the Back-Office
  • Customizable short cuts in the Back-Office
  • Customizable Back-Office
  • IP authorization to reach the shop in maintenance mode
  • Multiple users management, and permissions (ACL)
  • Sub domains management
  • Ability to add complementary modules
  • Database backup (partial or full)
  • Content management system
  • Modules On-Off in only one click
  • Bulk lister – import .CSV files
  • RSS feed
  • SMTP e-mails sending (with or without SSL-TLS) or PHP mail()
  • Automatic generation of robots.txt files
  • Export of the newsletter listed e-mails
  • Ads indexation for an optimized search

Republish Listing Function

Administrator is able to set following actions:

  • allow users to republish their listings
  • set period before expiration date
  • set day before expire date, user receive email that listing is about expire and it possible to republish
  • set sending republish URL in friendly format
  • enter number of days that listing expiration date will be extended, or get expiration days from category settings
  • place republish link to user profile right to its items
  • Send statistics about listing when it expires. Statistic contains:
    • regular views
    • premium views
    • contact form use
  • set paid republishing
  • allow users to republish listing even if it has not expired (ideally in combination with paid republishing)

  Free Classifieds website Auto-republish feature – you can allow users to auto-renew their listings- once listing has expired, it will be republished automatically and user will be notified

Listing Functions

Administrator is able to set following actions for more user-friendly website:

Improve search mechanism to shown premium listings first ordered by publish date,

Improve listings page for expired items

Adding/editing listing user set password

Add Mobile Phone number


Extend & required fields on user registration page: 

  • User Type
  • Mobile phone
  • Website URL
  • Country field
  • Region field
  • City field


Status Manager

Allow users to search listings by status (form with status select box can be auto-hooked to search from)

  • Unlimited Ads
  • Unlimited posting
  • Unlimited combinations
  • Unlimited categories and subcategories
  • Unlimited Ads characteristics
  • Unlimited pictures with automatic resizing
  • Unlimited Ads combinations
  • Automatic combinations generator
  • Unlimited attributes groups (sizes, colors…)
  • Visitor comments on Ads
  • Unlimited Ads categories
  • Categories image
  • All editable content by Admin form admin panel

SEO ready, Static pages, stats & other functions

  • Customization Meta Title, Description & Keywords for every static page on Free Classifieds website
  • Custom Page title for all pages except Home, Category & Search and Listing page (i.e. for user account, user public profile, contact page,)
  • Delimiter used to separate Meta elements (can be any character: -, |, :, /, white space or any other)
  • Backlinks & reciprocal links manager
  • Extensive SEO description & tips to improve click rate, plug-in functions and usage, …
  • SEO statistics can be checked directly from plug-in – Google page rank, back links, indexed pages, alexa rank, tweets, facebook shares, Google plus shares, …

When new listing is published, send email to user with information that status of listing can be changed anytime just clicking on send links (admin can define in backoffice which statuses will be send)

Feedback & Rating system 

  • Allow users to leave feedback on registered sellers
  • Each person can vote on:
    • Quality of seller’s service
    • Delivery of goods
    • Communication response
  • Title, Comment and Commentator name must be filled
  • Overall rating can be shown anywhere

Paid Ads ‘your money bank’

Top ads

Move to top ads

Highlighted ads

Paid publication

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